l e t t u c e - a n d - m i l k

Look at things to closely and you loose the big picture - step back and you miss the details. I mean how much of a joke is that...!

31 1:37:15   ยค

The world is a crazy place... a crazy place indeed - craziness tends to be made up of two things - confusion and confidence... Confidence is, as you know - quite straight forward - confusion on the other hand isn't and is made up of a multitude of different things - primarily anxiety and the london underground!

Sorry this is an excerp from a some notes i made (2002) while being overly panic-ed trapped in an extremely hot and busy tube train - writing so hopefully in the not too distant future i might actually calm down and have export all this adrenaline to far eastern country, as i'm sure it can't've been good.

Cashback on the other hand (yes i have three) tends to be a good thing - unles of course it is in the wrong hands. You may have noticed that it wasn't so much anything to do with incorrect hands as incorrect tenses - i seemed to have trouble keeping to either present or past tense.

Can you write about the present in past tense? also can you ever talk about the third person in the first person at all...and how do you write in the second person.

I shall actually come up with a point to all this text when hell hasn't completely frozen over, but it's more like that the devil really can't decide what to wear as the weather really wont make up its mind!

He should come to the UK, but then again the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exists... so maybe he's already here... wearing a Millets ™ torent jacket and a bobble hat (more about product placement later)

Anyway talking about abrupt endings...

And like that... he's gone!

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