a t - s c e n e - e l e v e n

I think someone should make a sci-fi disaster film were the earth is just being invaded by a hostile alien race bent on the conversion of the human race into amusing stories to tell at prestigeous dinner parties. But just as the invaders are putting their plan to full effect they are wiped out by freak tropical storms, the product of global soataing...

If the world rotates - does the atmosphere rotate aswell... and if so is it uniform movement or is it quicker nearer the ground?

Time does not have to be linear. Just the same as animation is a series of broken depictions. We are led to believe time and existance are linear due to cause and effect. but only our measurements and perception allow us to see how time passes seemingly to us in a rigid fixed manner. but what if passing time does speed up and slow down without us knowing...

Within a computer system if something causes the proccessor to quicken or slow (eg. temperature) then every opperation made by that computer is effected - and this change in speed can only be noticed by the use of an external system tracking the time passing.

What i'm trying to get at is the fact that time can't be acurately measured from with in the system as the device that is measuring it is also at the hands of the system it is measuring.

So people saying we don't have enough processing speed to accomplish a life replicca within a computer system is wrong - if we were to interact with this life system then yes we don't have the power to get up to the required realistic speed for us to partake in the generated world - but if the system were self contained then realtime is not required - and nothing within the system could tell that in actual fact between each of their seconds - days / months pass in our world.

I have some random thoughts - don't worry (grin)

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