m u l t i - c o l o u r e d - m e

Today i found out that i have been spelling existance wrong all my life up until this point, it supposedly has an "e" instead of the "a"... which i think is preposterous!?! it doesn't make any sense to spell it that way...! why on earth would it have three "e"s in it... yet again its another failing of the english language to have words written in a way that has no bearing on the phonetics of the damn thing... you may as well put a silent "q" in evey bloody english word... you'd at least be right more times than a broken clock.

This obviously is the reason as to why i have spent long periods of my thinking time trying to come up with a meaning or purpose to this whole crazy chaotic thing we call life; and failed to find any answer... because all along its been incorrectly defined by a great number of annoying people! what the hell is an "ence" anyway...!?!?!

To me this should be how it is...


But it seems to not be the case...


There is no simple way to know which words will end with -ance and which will end with -ence other than REMEMBERING. The -ANCE list is shorter, so if you memorize it, you should know that any words that end with the same sound but are not on the -ANCE list must be spelled with -ENCE. EXCEPT for a few words that end with -ENSE: (defense, expense, immense, offense, pretense, suspense). So now you have two lists to remember. Will it help to know that all of the -ANCE, -ANCY, -ENCE and -ENCY words are nouns? Not really. Will it confuse the issue to know that some of the -ANT and -ENT words are nouns and some are adjectives? Certainly.

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My question is - is it remembrance or remembrence?

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