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As far as i know it is not possible for anyone to download these songs from my website (apart from recording the raw audio output; which is a really lame thing to do) i have done this on purpose as i don't believe in people just copying media after media without ever paying for it; At the same time, i believe that Media companies charge far too much for their products - especially when you can't get a sample of the whole Album / DVD before you purchase and then find that apart from the odd single the rest isn't worth the polycarbonate it's burnt on. So on top of the reason that i access my website at parties to play certain songs (all that i have bought) i have placed these cool songs here so people can see what good music is (grin), can hear them, and then can go out and buy them...
so go on, off you go...

a beautiful mind - kaleidoscope of mathematics
a perfect circle - weak and powerless
a perfect cirlce - 3 libras
brothomstates - adozenaday
bush - swallowed
john tejada - young
jurassic 5 - high fidelity
telefon tel aviv - sound in a dark room