s k i p - t o - t h e - e n d

Ah so you are a person who seeks the quick and simple answer to things, either that or you are just extreeemely impatient! Which ever way it is, skiping to the end is something i don't believe should be left in the apethetic hands of the fast learner... it is just too damn dangerous! There are a lot of disasterous consequences that can arise from missing out...

[ the middle ]

... and to ignore the start is where we find some of the largest cock ups in history.

True, i may be taking this a step too far - but at least i'm taking steps not giant leaps into the unknown future - where even a safe foothold is not certain. What happens if you skip to the end and fail to understand the final points and overall summing up? All that this will probably do is cause a cascade of questions - possibly about things i haven't even thought about while i travel along my nice linear road!

Just imagine that you could skip things in life? what do you think would happen? cause and effect would no longer apply - an action would still lead to a consequence but you, in your scattered fashion could just miss them out entirely! Books would become 5 pages long... Films would only be a cheesy / meaningful line followed by credits, or if a sequel was planned maybe it would just be an unended scene followed by unended credits... infact if a sequel had been planned it would be more likely that you were actually watching that already instead of the first film. Fires would loose moral, as they would nolonger see the point in burning things because the fun part would have been taken out of it for them...

...Hello would become Goodbye, last night would become a thing of the past (and no, it isn't already) as this evening would already be next week. All alcohol would be rediculously expensive as it would have all be fermenting for far futher than anyone could ever remember. Life lessons would be missed, conversations would only ever be entered at somewhere towards the end where everyone is wondering what the hell they were talking about anyway... Rolls of film would only ever have their last exposure on them. People would only ever leave as you can't arrive without a start.

So as you can see it is far too powerful a thing to be taken lightly, i mean if we skipped ahead too much, we may well end up in a future that was amazing and bright, great... but we wouldn't have a clue how anything worked - let alone why everyone around seemed to know all the answers to life but had completely missed the questions.

Well, i hope you heed this warning and take it with you, bringing means to all the ends that you visit. For now though, you have a choice, and as a test of your new found beginings they all point backwards to the start. which will you choose - it is up to you - but there will be no skipping from here...

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